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Financial services simplified


Payment cards

With our Visa certified and Mastercard enabled processing platform you can manage your own card program. Creating accounts, performing KYC, issuing cards (virtual/physical, Visa branded/propriety) and setting authorisation rules, has never been easier.

QR-Code payments

On the same platform you can manage your own QR-code payment program. Creating accounts, performing KYC, creating QR-codes to pay or get paid. Simply done.


Together with one of our partners you are able to issue IBAN numbers to your clients. On the same platform you can manage your own qr-code payment program. Creating accounts, performing KYC, creating QR-codes to pay or get paid. Simply done.

Virtual Banking

With all above mentioned services you can create your own virtual bank.

Risk Management

Fictas helps organizations comply with Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) regulations without inconveniencing customers.


The flexibility of our newly developed services on one hand and the operational excellence of running the platform on Microsoft Azure services’ Service Fabric on the other, makes it your perfect choice for current and new card issuers to add state of the art financial services for your clients. You can develop your own online portals and apps, or have them developed by us. Our easy API gives you the possibility to manage it all. Also through the API you can set transaction processing rules using easy scripting.


Program Manager

Our bespoke white-label card issuing solutions are designed for all new age card issuers and new fintech companies. To help you, we have BIN sponsorship with an e-money institution and approved Visa principal member. Therefore we can be your Program Manager.

BIN Sponsor

Offert as Software as a Services our state-of-the-art platform can handle all aspects of a BIN sponsor.

Risk Management

ID Verification

Our verification solutions go beyond verifying the authenticity of a government-issued ID. We confirm the presence of the account holder.

Lifeness check

When the customer takes a selfie with their smartphone or webcam, the selfie image is compared instantly to that of the ID document tying the ID to the owner in real time, at any time and from anywhere.

Customer Screening and Monitoring

Screen customers against consolidated AML profiles and automate ongoing monitoring. These profiles are held against the current PEP & Sanction lists and can also run against the adverse media lists.

Transaction Monitoring

Our Risk Manager is a high-end technology that analyzes the entire lifestyle of a transaction. It defines the parameters used to mark a transaction for review to set rules to decline potentially fraudulent transactions. Our Risk Manager enables intelligent decisioning throughout the entire transaction lifecycle.


Please contact us if you have an idea for card issuing! We know we can fulfill your wishes to bring your idea to market.